Vox Artium is a 501c3 non-profit foundation headquartered in metro Atlanta, Georgia. We are dedicated to showcasing Georgia's home-grown, art and music talent while benefiting a curated list of animal welfare, childrens' and military veterans' charitable organizations.



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Even a hero needs a little help now and then...

Music. Animals. Community.

Rock for Rescues is an annual program of events showcasing Atlanta-based bands performing original music while benefiting local animal welfare charities. The program culminates each April with the Woodstock Rock for Rescues Festival, to be held on April 25, 2020 at the Nothside Hospital - Cherokee Amphitheater in Woodstock, GA.

Many Rock for Rescues events are family and pet-friendly (please check RockforRescues.org for full details about upcoming events to be sure,) but all of our events have great music, food, drinks, animal charity representatives (human and furry) and fun things to do. Part of the net proceeds from all events are donated to our designated animal welfare organizations.

The program is funded exclusively by corporate sponsors and donors like you. If you've ever wanted to make a real difference in the lives of wild and domesticated animals right here in your community, this is your chance. And if you love live music, this is how you can support the future of music in your community.

Visit RockforRescues.org for more information or contact us today.



VOX ARTIUM  |  Voice of the Arts

In early 2017, Ray Baker had an idea. He wanted to combine his love of live music with his love for animal rescue in an event designed to benefit both communities. He contacted some of his favorite local Atlanta bands and began booking an outdoor rock concert. Local pet rescue organizations would be invited to attend and the event would be free for the community. Word spread quickly and soon, instead of Ray and his colleagues contacting potential stakeholders, individuals and corporations from all over metro-Atlanta began seeking them out.

The 2019-2020 Season at Vox Artium illustrates the passion the community has for the combination of Arts and Causes, Rock for Rescues is expanding and moving to a ticketed event at the Woodstock Amphitheatre and other programming is rolling out in different stages of development.With the exponential growth of interest in the Rock for Rescues project, many of our conversations with potential stakeholders turned toward possibilities for an even broader focus. For future events, we'd like to include other art genres, not just musicians, and also include other worthy organizations, such as children's and military veteran's charities, always keeping the core focus of featuring local artists to benefit vetted, local charitable organizations.


In August, 2017, the Vox Artium Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was incorporated to enable the coordination of all the many possibilities for the future "voice of the arts in philanthropy." So many conversations, so many ideas, so many opportunities...are you intrigued?

Contact us today to find out how you might join the Vox Artium movement.


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